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Rust is an interesting mix of everything you loved about STALKER, Minecraft and DayZ. Crafting, base building, radiation and zombies, it’s all about survival, and how you do that is up to you. Still early in alpha.
Rust is created by FacePunch Studios

Facepunch Studios LTD is a Bristish Independent Video Game development company headquartered in England officially founded in March 2009 by Garry Newman. The company is most known for its sand box video game Garry Mode. In addition to continuously updating Garry’s Mod, it hosts a popular internet forum and is developing a video game titled Rust.

Facepunch Studios holds their own forums which consist of various sections, which are the main appeal of the forums. It also has Garry’s Mod sections for people to discuss the game and get support.


Name:  Rust Alpha Beta Key Generator.rar
Version: 1.1
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